General Rules

General Rules

1. Regularity and punctuality of attendance should become a noble habit with every student of this school. 

2. No furniture may be removed from one room to another without explicit orders from the office. 

3. Any damage culpably done to school property is to be made good by the boy / girl himself / herself.

4. Boys / Girls should be honest enough to report themselves e.g. if a window panel is broken.

5. Correspondence of students is subject to inspection.

6. According to Government Policy, students are no to take active part in politics in any way, if they do, disciplinary action will be taken against them.

7. Students will have to observe strict regularity and obedience in the school. 

8. School uniform is compulsory for all boys / girls. Boys / Girls without school uniform will not be admitted to class. 

9. Students are not allowed to come to school on motorcycle without license.

10. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the school premises. 

11. During school students are not allowed to go outside the school premises without permission from the principal or in charge of discipline.

12. Transport of students by mini-bus, atuto-rickshaws or other means is parent’s own responsibility. Hence school shall not be responsible for the conveyance of students. 

13. All students when admitted, must make themselves acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct while studying in this school ignorance of the rules will be no excuse. 

14. Parents should notify the school if / or any change in their address or phone number.

15. Students or parents are NOT allowed to given personal GIFTS to teachers. 

16. At times the school may have to be closed due to unavoidable and unforeseen reasons, if a unit test at examination has been planned on that day, that respective test or examination will be held on the first working day after the completion of all the tests or examination already scheduled. 

17. First aid will be given to students in case of an emergency or accident during school hours. If required they will be taken to the nearest hospital. Parents will be informed immediately.


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