Childhood Development

Childhood Development

Childhood development comprises of the biological, psychological and emotional changes that causes in human beings since birth till the end of adolescent period, as the individual progresses from dependency to increasing self sufficiency. It is a continuous process with a given sequence, yet having a unique character for every child. Although such changes in a child might be strongly influenced by parental and genetic factors, the School, it's teachers, the environment it provides, their classmates etc. have an all round effects on the progress and growth of a child. We have full confidence to assure that the School possesses and provides all necessary plus paraphernalia to ensure your wards a desirable orientation during this vital transformation. 

Learning Centre

In St. Antony’s Public School, we promote both academic excellence and formation of character in the context of a Christian worldview & vice versa fellow religions professed in our Country. While students receive a strong educational foundation on which to build their lives, they are also challenged to reach their highest spiritual potential by learning multi religious values. Working as a team with our students and parents, we endeavor to equip our students to become the leaders of their generation and a strong influence in our world.

Our student to teacher ratio is designed to ensure every student receives the utmost in individualized attention. The St.Antony’s Public School will give your student the tool for a successful future. In our Nursery level, students gain a firm foundation for their primary education in an environment of creativity, fun and love. 


We have a good school library with a stock of more than 7000 books and more than 15 periodicals drawn from varied fields. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books. . There is a qualified librarian ,who is always ready to render any help to the users of the library. Elaborate sitting arrangements have also made for students to peacefully engage themselves engrossed in studies. 

Science Lab

The school has a well-furnished  composite science laboratory and a Mathematics Lab. All the labs are built and equipped with adequate safety measures and they are student - friendly. Each lab is fully equipped with apparatuses as per the syllabus requirements and can accommodate 50 students at a time.

Computer Lab

We have a computer lab with dual core desktop computers of 1GB memory. All the machines are networked and have access to internet.

Digital Classroom

All classes  can go to the digital class room ,that has  been equipped with computer and LCD projector as a first step towards techno revolution in education. The facility now enjoyed by students according to their period   will soon be extended to other Classes also. 


The school keeps the parents informed of all important developments in the school as well as any change in the day to day affairs of the school through SMSs. 


The sports and games facilities on the campus make the students attain physical growth and imbibe sportsman spirit among them. It is compulsory for every student to participate at least in one or the other games in their own interest. The school has separate courts for games like basketball and football. Inter class and Inter-School matches and the Annual Sports Events etc. are held at regular intervals. The Sports Day gives the students ample opportunity to exhibit their skills and help us identify the inborn flavors of individual students so that they could be specially encouraged to excel in their areas of interests. 


The school provides transportation facilities to students for to and fro commutation. The parents who want to send their children to school and back by school bus should apply for it at the beginning of the academic year.

rm. The school bus facility should be availed for an entire term. One months notice in writing should be given for discontinuance of the bus facility. 
Requests for change of boarding points must be made in writing one month in advance. Nobody without a valid bus pass will be allowed to board the bus. Loss of the pass, if any, shall be reported promptly at the school office. 

Commuting by school bus is an occasion for the pupils to cultivate good habits like patience, forbearance, tolerance, sympathy, team spirit, co-operation and consideration for others. Gentlemanly and exemplary behaviour is expected of all the students in the bus. 


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